The EarthSaw story

Several years ago, government scientists began asking grouting experts if it was possible to grout a barrier under and around a burial site containing unknown radioactive wastes. The goal was a verifiably near perfect containment barrier around waste disposal areas, to be built without drilling or excavating into contaminated material!

The EarthSaw buoyant barrier technology was developed as a solution to this long standing problem of remediating burial sites containing undocumented debris contaminated with radioactive mixed waste. This waste is a legacy of the cold war and was disposed during times there were less stringent safety measures than are required today. In many cases the waste represents a potential threat to groundwater but cannot be removed within reasonable goals of worker safety or economy. In some locations substantial money and effort have been expended to remove the waste with little success. Instead of trying to remove the waste we have come up with a cost effective way of isolating it from the environment without removing it.

The U.S. government has millions of cubic yards of radioactive mixed waste buried in un-lined pits and trenches as well as shingle shell tanks in various locations. This innovative and affordable construction method, will contain the buried wastes in-situ with a durable high-quality system using a new type of barrier material along with a unique in-situ construction method. The method forms a perimeter wall around a buried radioactive waste site as well as a thick and continuous bottom barrier under the waste.

In late 2002 We completed a detailed engineering study of the EarthSaw technology for the US Department of Energy. You can download the full technical report from the government OSTI web site at the link provided here.

To evaluate EarthSaw parameters for your site, we have created a user friendly model that runs as an Excel spreadsheet.  Click the link below and enter your site information in the areas marked in red.  The model will show a dynamic graphic of the result.  Change depths of the corners and the amount of surcharge loading to balance the floating block and achieve the desired bottom barrier thickness.  (This will not send any information back to us.)  If you would like us to run the model for you simply contact us at for confidential assistance.

EarthSaw Buoyant Barrier Concept

How It Works:

Conventional trench around perimeter

Fill trench with heavy grout

Cable saw cuts a horizontal cut

Gravity fills horizontal cut with grout

Soil block floats on heavy grout

Adding grout to trench raises block

Grout forms impermeable barrier

Top cap forms complete vault

A trench is excavated around the perimeter of a waste site and the trench is filled with high specific gravity grout

Technology available for license.

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