Carter Technologies Co.

Underground Engineering & Environmental Consulting

Carter Technologies is more than engineering consulting.  We design technologies to order!    We specialize in providing Technical Assistance to major contractors on first-of -their-kind projects.

Carter Technologies is a pioneer in underground engineering using horizontal containment barriers, high pressure jet grouting, chemical stabilization, in-situ construction of barriers for environmental remediation, bio-remediation, custom grout design underwater grouting, and design to order inventions.  Carter Technologies is a provider of construction technology, special materials, and consulting engineering for unique underground or environmental challenges.  Carter Technologies can provide professional technical assistance to augment the capabilities of conventional contractors in demanding applications. 

  • Technical Assistance Consulting

Hourly professional rates for service performed by experienced Professional Engineers.  Free first hour consultation. A technical assistance contract allows your company to extend your capabilities into new areas and win more projects. You get the benefit of an experienced professional engineer on your staff without any long term commitment. You get to show our experience resume in your proposals. We work with your staff to show you how to plan and perform the work. We advise you on where to obtain needed equipment and materials. We advise your site supervisor on solving any problems as they arise. We can also attend meetings as your technical expert.

  • Environmental Remediation
  • Land Farming of Hydrocarbon contaminated soil
  • Solidification of Industrial and hydrocarbon Sludge
  • Asbestos Contaminated Soil treatment
  • Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil
  • Landfill Remediation
  • Monitor well installation
  • Recovery Wells
  • Underground Vacuum Extraction and Air SpargingIn-Situ Bioremediation
  • Interceptor Trenches
  • Grouted cut-off walls
  • Slurry Wall construction Dams leakage repair
  • Radioactive contamination treatment and abatement
  • Landfill stabilization and bottom containment leakage repair
  • Expert witness litigation support
  • Jet Grouting in radioactive contaminated sites
  • High pressure water jetting

  • Underground Structural Remediation; Epoxy Crack Injection, Water Shutoff, grouted pipe liners
  • Hillside stabilization
  • Foundation Repair; Bridges, Roads, Factories, Buildings,
  • Underground cut-off walls, Slurry walls, Jet grouted walls, pressure grouting, SoilSaw™ Barrier System for high speed cutoff wall construction
  • ErthSaw™ In-Situ construction of bottom barrier at depth
  • Thin wall grouted barriers; Patented method for Levee wall and Earthen Dam Keywall Construction
  • Horizontal Grouted Barriers; Methods for constructing horizontal membrane barriers at depth or In-Situ isolation of buried contamination
  • Earthen Dam Leakage; Jet grouting and innovative Thermal grouting techniques with Waxfix™ molten wax grouts
  • Concrete Dam leakage; Conventional pressure grouting and innovative Thermal grouting techniques with Waxfix™ molten wax grouts
  • Ex-situ and In-situ Solidification of radioactive contaminated waste
  • High pressure jetting and chemical industrial cleaning
  • Large diameter Pipe and Pipeline Grouting
  • Geothermal well installation
  • Pipeline Pigging, Cleaning, Testing and Decommissioning
  • Well Casing Cementing
  • Jet Grouting

Equipment design

  • Oil Field Downhole Tools
  • Jet Grouting Equipment
  • Pressure grouting tools
  • Excavator Attachments
  • Oil Field Sludge Processing
  • SlotDrill™ equipment

Laboratory Grout Development (Designed to Order)

  • Cementitious Grouts Design
  • Cement Bentonite Grout Design
  • Molten Wax Grout Design
  • Zero Valiant Iron Treatment
  • Highly Pumpable Mixes
  • Heat Transfer Grouts
  • High Temperature Grouts
  • Grouts for decommissioning of radioactive systems

Patent Licensing

  • EarthSaw™ Subterranean Containment Method
  • SlotDrill™ Method of Increasing Well Productivity
  • Waxfix™ Thermal Permeation Grout
  • TECT B™ Buoyant Self Healing Clay Grout
  • Continuum™ Deep Cutoff Walls

Feasibility Studies

  • Evaluation and development of new methods of remediation and energy production
  • Evaluation of new equipment designs
  • Evaluation of waste containment technologies

Technical Peer Review

  • Review of project work plans for remediation projects, in soil, water, underground

Treatability Studies

            Solidification; Bench scale tests to determine correct treatment materials ratios and mixing methods for field scale work

            Bioremediation; Bench scale tests to determine correct nutrient ratios, mixing methods, and half life reductions for field scale work

Custom Grouting Material Sales

  • Waxfix 125
  • Waxfix 167
  • Waxfix 120
  • TECT Brand Grouts

Inventions to Order

  • This can be consumer or industrial, hardware or software, chemical or mechanical, underground or undersea.  Call us and let us know what you would like to do. Some great ideas just need a little help to shine. State clearly if you want to pay by the hour and retain all rights, or if you want to partner. You tell us what you want the invention to do and we will prepare a proposal if we have any ideas.

Regular attendance at OTC Conference in Texas

Technology available for license.

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